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August 23rd, 2011

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August 8th, 2011

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Eco-friendly branding

July 21st, 2011

KL&P is proud to be working with the international company Better Place, who is the Global Provider of electric vehicle networks and services. In a continued effort working towards changing the worlds dependence on oil; Better place has developed a “drive, switch, and go” technology which puts more electric vehicles on the road. KL&P is working with Better Place to provide eco-friendly branding solutions that promote their corporate identity. Of many projects, we have recently completed over 2000 customized Lapel pins for an upcoming event. KL&P advocates branding solutions that are eco-friendly, yet still thought provoking. We are excited to be a part of making this world into a “better place”.

Recent Conferences

November 15th, 2010

I was fortunate to have standing-room only for my breakout sessions in October at the Behavioral Safety Now 2010 Conference in Houston and at the 6th Annual Joint Regional Mine Safety & Health Conference in Reno. The feedback gave credence to our message that Engagement-Based Safety is the first order of business, and that incentives to promote discretionary effort are the first in several keys to boost engagement rates.

It is becomming increasingly clear to safety leaders and organizational management that the greatest risk to quality and productivity gains is the 75% of the employee population that can be considered “not engaged” and or “disengaged”. Enforcement of procedures and policies are ineffective in motivating this group. Our session discussed several methods to boost employee engagement, including Culture Management Systems(TM).

Fascination Triggers

September 8th, 2010

Sally Hogshead (yep, that’s her name), is a brilliant marketer that has written a book entitled Fascination…Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation. I highly recommend it. Her anchor point is that nothing, in itself, is fascinating. Rather, we are compelled to focus and pay attention to something or someone when a “trigger” is activated. The seven triggers she identifies are (in no particular order) Lust, Mystique, Alarm, Prestige, Power, Vice,  and Trust.  These triggers are activated in the right context, and transform a a bland brand into a fascinating one. Likewise, Sally has sponsored research that allows you to take a test to identify your own personal triggers and the ways to leverage yourself to become more fascinating. After all, we are own most important product.

Marijuana in California

August 18th, 2010

I’m not sure exactly where I stand on the whole legalization issue on marijuana, but let me start by saying that the debate alone can give you a bit of a head rush. I heard recently that there are more pot clubs in California than there are Starbucks.

It’s all starting to get me crazy, since I have a 20 year old son who thinks he is the second coming of Bob Marley. It becomes very challenging to tell our kids to avoid getting high when the legalization movement is so strong…and our bad-actor governor just makes it that much tougher.

So, in this initial posting in “You Have GOT to be Kidding”, I ask this question: We want to legalize pot (so we can tax the hell out of it among other things), while we don’t allow a citizen to walk on our public beaches or state parks while puffing on a cigar. Gag me with a roach clip.

Why Culture Matters in Safety

August 18th, 2010

We’re a merry band of anthropologist-wannabes here at KL&P Marketing & Motivation. On the Marketing side, we work with clients to increase their trade show traffic, or boost the participation rates of referrals, and ultimately sales.

The Motivation side is more focused on designing and running incentive programs that award employees, VAR’s and channel partners when they hit a goal, expend discretionary effort or perform above and beyond.

Fact is, in all of these endeavors, we are messing around in behavior economics, sociology, and yes…anthropology. I personally find it fascinating to play around with our inner primates to see what makes us choose X or Y.

In future blog posting, we’ll examine some of this and include some startling recent findings by the REAL scientists.

Welcome to KL&P’s New Marketing Blog!

August 17th, 2010

We will be posting a lot of great stuff in here about the work that we’ve been doing for our clients.