Culture Management Systems

For Safety, Wellness, Quality and Productivity Improvement

Call Us TodayKL&P Motivation created Culture Management Systems™ in 2004 to meet the needs of our refinery and construction company clients faced with a broad spectrum of challenges. While they all recognized that their corporate climate and culture was the fundamental force preventing them from reducing injury and improving the health of their workers, they needed a comprehensive way to navigate through significant change.

KL&P created a unique online platform from scratch and a set of processes that are designed to fully engage each and every employee, aligning their actions to the organization’s goals. We started with a focus on safety. It’s where the "rubber meets the road". When we applied the system to safety, our clients saw an immediate payoff: a substantial reduction in injury rates and incidents largely due to a renewed focus on leading indicators rather than the traditional reliance on lagging metrics like OSHA rates. In fact, clients reported a dramatic reduction in those rates within the very first year.

The Safety Culture Management System™

A safety program at any company in the world will only succeed in its goals of protecting workers and enhancing productivity if it subscribes to the following fundamental truth: A fully-engaged employee is a safe employee.

For over 20 years, the experts at KL&P Motivation have been crafting innovative solutions to the safety director’s largest and most challenging engage, inspire and motivate the employee base to be safe and ever-vigilant on the job.

The Safety Culture Management System’s central design is its most unique attribute, because it provides for the means to record, recognize and reward on the basis of an employee’s pro-active involvement in safety. Rather than focusing on lagging indicators and milestones, KL&P’s approach is to acknowledge specific behaviors that build into habits and create a long-term positive impact on the corporate culture. It is the continuous improvement of every process and the development of systems thinking that will have the most significant impact on the corporate DNA. Leading indicators are generated and monitored within the system to enable management to intervene before things go off-rail.

The Safety Culture Management System centers around a web-based platform that provides personal employee accounts with points awards, online training and safety news features. Management has access to the "back-end" of the system, allowing a real-time view of what’s really happening in their facilities. Reports are generated in seconds, providing feedback by individual, supervisor, department or plant...even by specific activity. For instance, a report can be generated within seconds showing which employees participated in a job safety analysis for the month of August. The report can be grouped by supervisors or departments. The ability to create reports allows management to engage in more meaningful dialogue with supervisors and foremen as to the involvement levels of the crews. When employees are involved and enthusiastic, you have an opportunity to develop teams of systems thinkers and proprietors.

The core group or safety committee is the key organizer and booster of this new initiative. KL&P works closely with the committee to help create a program theme, a matrix of activities to be recognized, a catalog of rewards that can be redeemed (many of which to be custom-imprinted with the theme logo) and the promotion of the program for kickoff and beyond.

KL&P also assists in supervisor training, providing insights from our experience with world-class safety cultures. A brief workshop is conducted with special emphasis on helping supervisors become better coaches for their crews. A custom manual is provided with details about the program and the solid philosophy behind it.

The Healthy Culture Management System™

The same platform work wonders for your Wellness program. Imagine having a system that records, reports and rewards employees for efforts and improvement In weight control, diabetes education, nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation…the list goes on and on.

A vibrant wellness program with appropriate incentives is like the fuel every organization requires. It provides the energy needed for success. Healthy employees are more engaged, more willing to provide extra effort.

Key Benefits

When you put a Culture Management System in place from KL&P Motivation, you gain control over your culture improvement process:

Minimal administration: We designed a simple interface to handle the collection and recording of employee activities. All the fulfillment of awards and the reporting functions are handled by KL&P. Your company administrator need only devote a couple hours each week to the smooth running of the system for thousands of employees.

Low cost: Many of our implementations wind up costing as low as 5 cents per hour per employee. The initial investment is small, and the bulk of the costs are spread out over the months as we invoice upon actual redemptions of rewards. We can also offer a plan which requires absolutely no upfront costs, and bills you as points are awarded. In all of our pricing models, you control what the program will cost you each year.

Management reporting: Our system gives you a dashboard of views on your entire employee performance program, from activities performed, to awards redeemed, educational modules completed, and dozens more. Output in HTML, Excel spreadsheets and graphs is accomplished in a matter of seconds. You will be able to identify, track and reward safe behaviors, the "leading indicators" of safety, as well as results, or the "lagging indicators".

Tax-free motivation: While we don’t offer tax advice, our clients have concluded that the safety performance awards as distributed through the Culture Management Systems are non-taxable to the employee.

Creative promotion: With over 25 years experience in marketing and promotion, we know that your initiatives need to always be fun and exciting. We offer hundreds of methods and tens of thousands of products to keep awareness high and your program humming along.

Online learning: Integrated into the platform is our Training Center, a robust LMS (learning management system) developed in partnership with Vivid Learning, the industry leader in e-learning. You choose from our extensive library of OSHA and MSHA courses, health and human resources content and much more...all customized to your facilities and operations. Points are automatically awarded as quizzes are successfully completed. Full reporting accompanies the system with certification. We call it Learn ‘n Earn…an exciting way to refresh your teams with the information they need.

Personal support: We don’t just set you up with the system and cut you loose. You’ll have a team assigned to your account to create and post monthly online newsletters, periodic promotions and a full range of administrative services.

In summary, the installation of a Culture Management System is a first step towards creating a world-class safety or wellness program. But the benefits of a healthy culture can be seen in other measures as well, such as productivity and quality levels, employee retention and morale. Find out more today by calling us at (800) 359-7995, x228.