KL&P supports the work of H2OpenDoors, a project of Rotary clubs throughout the world.

By acquiring and installing just one SunSpring system in a village, school or hospital in the developing world, the project provides up to 10,000 people with their daily requirement of one half-gallon of safe drinking water.

SunSprings are solar and wind-powered water purification plants that are fully automatic and can produce over 5,000 gallons of safe water every 24 hours from any compromised water source… a lake, river, well or municipal water feed. The 5-stage ultrafiltration system removes all bacteria, cysts and human-harmful viruses while preserving the essential minerals in the cleaned water supply.

With many installations, women's water councils are formed to run a robust, local water sales business, bringing significant monthly revenue to the community's social services. College scholarship funds can be established, new classrooms can be built, nourishing food can be bought with these newly-earned funds.

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More Information

For more information about H2OpenDoors' work in Guatemala, Mexico, Haiti, Nepal and more countries, contact:
Jon Kaufman at jon@H2OpenDoors.org | 650.520.6873

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