We like to think of ourselves as your most enthusiastic cheerleaders for your brand. We love to learn of your challenges. That gets the juices going to analyze competitive threats, looming opportunities and creative applications for some marketing that really sticks. One of the many tools in our quiver is the smart use of promotional products. With a network of over 6000 manufacturers and hundreds of artisans and craftsmen, we can provide the perfect ways to compliment your image and describe your company soul.

It's a new era in commerce. Most of us no longer rely on what a company says about their brand. We can now also make our judgements based on what others have to say about the brand. It's one thing to look at photos of the Bora Bora resort on the hotel chain's website and read all the fluffy text. It's quite another thing to go to an advisory site or blog to learn what recent guests had to say. "Beautiful view, but the resort is under mass renovation until 2 in the morning." Decisions to buy a product or service are informed by your own research from multiple sources, beyond the glossy marketing collateral.

So what is the task of your marketing department these days? More strategic thinking is required to execute a wider array of tactics, informed by analytics all along the way. That doesn't mean that everything is now digital and you need to morph into a nerdy computer geek. As a matter of fact, established and proven methods of promotion and advertising are still essential elements of the marketing mix.

Take promotional products, for example. It's a $26 Billion category for a reason. Apparel and branded merchandise with a company logo or brand image still pack a punch. Studies show that this form of promotion has the highest message retention rates, when properly executed. KL&P has over 25 years in this arena, and we know what works and what doesn't. We distribute for over 6000 manufacturers, offering more than 6 million SKU's of merchandise and apparel choices.

Because of this core expertise, we can develop online company stores that excite, on-pack/ in-pack premium campaigns that motivate, and social media initiatives that convert to revenue.

Ever wonder why you don't see anyone wearing a Honda tattoo? Harley-Davidson has done the work over a half-century to form such a powerful emotional bond with it's customers, that they are transformed into ambassadors willing to ink up their skin for the rest of their lives. What can we do together to get that kind of spirit into your brand story?


KL&P Marketing distributes over 6 million products from over 6000 manufacturers. Our online product search tool (Merchandise Search) has about 1/10th of our database for your convenience. Go ahead, give it a whirl, get some ideas. There's lots more where that came from!



Classic or fashion-forward, the very best brands are available for custom embroidery, silkscreen or bedazzling. Nike, Adidas, Greg Norman, Columbia Sportswear, Port Authority, Carhartt, Cutter & Buck…you name it. We also have a wide range of eco-friendly garments, from RPET and bamboo. Try us on for size!



From AT&T to Kroger, Equity Lifestyles to Logitech and PG&E, the nation's largest companies look to KL&P for innovation and communication done well. In print, online, and everything in between!



As one of the first to produce an online company store way back in 1991, we've perfected the process every year since. Our solutions are low on your commitment, low on prices and high on satisfaction. You get personalized fulfillment, deep merchandise choices, and brand integrity.


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