We all find ourselves navigating in a data-driven marketing ecosystem. The latest direct marketing techniques and technologies use data to serve your customers and prospects with messages that are relevant and on point at the right time, delivered the right way. There are cardinal principles to working direct, and we know them all: have a clear and straight-forward marketing objective, get a laser focus on list and offer, be benefit (not feature) centric, create multiple touchpoints, and test and tweak campaigns, observing analytics all along the way.

In this new era of commerce and communication, call it Marketing 3.0, companies and associations have an ever-widening array of tools to enhance their brands and engage their audiences. These techniques must ride on the waves of consumer-to-consumer conversations. It's no longer sufficient, or even meaningful, what the brand says about itself. You need to prove it…show the evidence, hear from unpaid clients and customers, look at the research easily available on line. Today’s consumer is coming to you with more power and knowledge than ever before. The keys to a sale are held by you AND the prospect.

So what's a marketing department to do? KL&P has the experience and resources to provide solutions to these new challenges. From Content Marketing to copywriting, we can create dazzling direct mail campaigns that get opened and acted upon. Email marketing with strong data and marketing analytics, CRM and Database platforms that integrate with all relevant functions of your enterprise, and social marketing strategies that build serious numbers of eyeballs. Top it all off with thousands of promotional product ideas that promote your messages in long-lasting ways.

Whether your business is B-to-Consumer or Business to Business, we know that they require completely different engagement strategies. Strategies that persuade hard to reach business associates, whether they are the end-user, influencer or decision-maker. We take a fresh approach to helping you set goals with your Sales departments by helping you manage touchpoints for lead generation and qualification.

While marketing automation has become an oft-used tool, we help you make it a proper fit to deliver meaningful data. Speaking of data, we help you make sense of the analytics and reporting tools you already employ, or we provide you with cost-affordable solutions from the start.

Direct Marketing, enhanced by experience and knowledge, is a powerful part of your arsenal. We would love to talk with you about all of this!


Data-driven direct mail, done well, penetrates through the clutter. We give organizations strong insight that can turn raw numbers into strategic decisions that boost growth. Eye-popping dimensional mailings, inexpensive wave mailings and personalized mailings that drive digital follow-through and engagement are some examples our clients use to move the needle on their objectives.



Relationship marketing is a CRM strategy that emphasizes personalized interactions with customers and prospects. KL&P possesses dozens of technologies that will help you foster more interest, higher loyalty and better ROI.



A few of our multi-national clients produce a lot of printed collateral. With KL&P's Web-To-Print solutions, their cost to create, order and distribute printed material has been reduced by over 50% with a customized, online platform that allows material to be ordered, customized within graphic standards, and shipped within 48 hours to any point within the U.S.


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