The most fundamental requirement of business is to generate revenue. Advertising is an essential element in the communication of your brand in hopes to elevate and enhance awareness. Sales promotion is often recognized as the corollary initiative to advertising. When these two pillars of marketing are well-coordinated, great things happen. KL&P Marketing can help you develop measurable, impactful campaigns that get buzz in every beehive.

There are three, widely-used steps for effective sales promotion campaigns:

1. Target your effort
What is it you are trying to accomplish? Do you want current customers to purchase on a more frequent basis? Buy in a larger volume? Are you wanting to attract them to new services or a new product line? Or are you trying to lure in new customers? Another strategy is to boost business during slow hours or on weekends, or mid-week.

After carefully defining the need, and defining the change you want to inspire in your audience, ask yourself this essential question: Will the audience respond if I offer a limited-time incentive?

2. The Incentive Plan
Price offers are the most common incentive, but they are almost always not strong enough to be compelling. A 10% discount, as an example, is uninspiring to most audiences. Too deep of a discount can drive your offering into the red. KL&P has several tactics that tantalize and intrigue your audience, enabling modest price discounts with high perceived savings. Let’s chat about that.

Couponing, both in printed form and online, are effective techniques. Even the affluent shoppers are using them with redemption rates as high as 20 percent. When you marry a discount with a promotional product gift, rates can go even higher.

Sampling is also an effective means of promoting sales. Online-based businesses can effectively use their website and social media positions to promote free samples or services in order to attract publicity and visitors. Retailers can turn sampling into full-scale promotional events. KL&P employs a mix of digital marketing and promo goodies to engage audiences.

Any event or experience you plan to create to draw prospects or customers in needs to be done well. Go big or go home, they say. It's true, within reason. You don't want a poorly-attended event. That will do more harm than good. We can help with this…loading up your event with excitement.

3. What do you want to achieve?
Sales promotion works well when your particular audience is in need of a jolt to take notice of what you have to offer. Based on the competitive landscape, and your product and service offerings, just be clear about what kind of outcome you want. What is the increase on numbers of sales? Do you want to collect customer or prospect names for future follow-up and opt-in? Are you trying to even-out store traffic? What is the desired change you are trying to effect and how will it favor your business? With KL&P in your corner, you can count on a creative partner to help you meet and exceed your expectations.


KL&P MARKETING helps you find, serve and retain customers, with a strong emphasis on current customer retention – your most dependable, trustworthy revenue base. We believe that a loyalty loop is just as important as the initial acquisition of clients.



On-pack and in-pack offers, and other gifts-with-purchase ideas go a long way in making a customer for life. You this technique all over, from the Crack Jacks model to fine umbrellas given with every purchase of a luxury cologne. It really works.



Point of purchase displays, from shelving, signage and interactive kiosks are proven, effective ways to create a corner in a retail space where your products and services are focused on by a potential buyer.



The best campaigns integrate varied media advertising solutions, like direct mail that drives you to an online presence. This process works by encouraging your audience to employ more of their senses. One of the most cost-effective tactile methods to make your brand pop and educate is what we call "Fat Mail". Dimensional mailing pieces engage and fascinate and are one of KL&P's most intriguing solutions.


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